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Zero Trust and SaaS Security: Why Total Context Matters
In this on-demand webinar, Ofer Klein, CEO and Co-founder of Reco, and Dr. Chase Cunningham, VP of Security Market Research at G2 and Zero Trust expert provide guidance on how to secure SaaS applications within a Zero Trust strategy, and measuring success.
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Why SaaS Security Is No Longer Optional
What's Up in Tech?
In this video interview, Ofer Klein, CEO & Co-founder of Reco, sat down with Evan Kirstel, Chief Digital Evangelist of eViRa Heal to discuss the cybersecurity landscape, the explosion in adoption of SaaS applications, and why SaaS security is no longer an option.
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Why 2024 Will Become the Year of SaaS Securuity
Cloud Security Alliance
In this on-demand webinar, Reco joins the Cloud Security Alliance to discuss SaaS security. Learn from our experts how to secure your cloud attack surface and resolve SaaS security posture management misconfigurations with AI tools, and why 2024 will be the year of SaaS security.
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