Secure Everything You Run in SaaS

An identity-centric SaaS security platform that empowers organizations to understand their entire SaaS environment, control access, and protect from exposure.

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Leading Companies Trust Reco to Secure their SaaS


One Platform, Full Visibility

Reco discovers, controls, and protects the entire SaaS environment, no agent required.

Discover All Connected Apps & Identities

Get full visibility into the misconfigurations, privileges, and permissions related to your SaaS apps and identities. Discover SaaS-to-SaaS connections as well as who has enabled them and the level of access they’ve been granted. Feel empowered to onboard new apps without creating unnecessary risk.

Unify Identities Across SaaS

Manage who has access to what, and their permission level to decrease license spend. Monitor behavior of users across your SaaS apps and be notified of significant changes that could lead to accidental exposure from misconfigurations, over-permissioned users, compromised accounts, risky user behavior, and even use of GenAI tools.

Protect from Exposure

When Reco says its critical, it actually is. Be alerted to exposure with ready-to-use policies that address real-world scenarios based on TTPs. Detect internal and external threats such as ransomware, account takeover, insider threats, and data compromise. Respond within minutes using automated remediation workflows integrated with your existing SIEM or SOAR.

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Fully Integrated in Minutes

Connect your SaaS environment within minutes, eliminating the need for agents or software deployment. Reco is non-intrusive, connecting seamlessly via API and ingesting each layer across SaaS applications, identities, and metadata. It scales to any SaaS environment with zero impact on performance.

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Reco Supports Business-Critical SaaS Applications and More

CISO Guide to SaaS Security

Best practices for building a successful SaaS security program

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Customer Testimonials

Don't just listen to us talk. Here's what a few of our customers have to say about Reco.

Reco helped us reduce the number of false positives and identify potential exposure and theft more accurately. Thanks to their context based security solution, we were able to filter out up to 99% of the false positives in our environment, enabling our security team to respond more effectively to real threats.

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Dror Hevlin


The main benefit of Reco is that it allows me to be much more efficient with my time. Instead of spending hours investigating and triaging alerts, Reco takes care of it for me by providing all the necessary context and information, along with workflows that help to reduce risk across my SaaS environment.

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Robert Kugler

Head of Security & Compliance

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