CISO Guide to SaaS Security for Healthcare

The CISO Guide to Securing SaaS Risks in Healthcare is designed to help Security and IT teams in healthcare build a successful SaaS security program. Sign up to get your copy today!
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In today's digital landscape, SaaS applications have become more commonplace in healthcare as they reap the significant competitive and operational benefits from adopting SaaS. But most SaaS applications are connected to numerous external providers and solutions that brings significant risks as threat actors look to exploit SaaS-related vulnerabilities.

This guide helps security and IT teams at healthcare providers design a successful SaaS security program by addressing the healthcare sector's most pressing SaaS security challenges.

It's developed by our SaaS security experts and modeled on best practices as outlined by NIST Cybersecurity Framework, ISO-27001, CIS Critical Security Controls, and the NCSC's Shared Responsibility Model.