Manage SaaS-to-SaaS Integration Risk

Get full visibility into the applications connected to your SaaS apps, including which users have enabled them, and the level of access they’ve been granted.

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App Discovery & Governance

Discover All Connected SaaS Applications

Get full visibility into the managed and unmanaged SaaS tools connected to your environment, and manage from a single, aggregated view. Your team can authorize and deauthorize apps and be notified of new risky apps.

Identify Misconfigured & Over-Permissive Apps

Map the permissions requested to connected SaaS apps. Reco can measure the risk introduced by connected apps that haven’t been used, but still retain access to SaaS data.

Prioritize with AI-Based Business Context

Rely on advanced analytics based on a combination of algorithms, models, processes and tools to help you prioritize the riskiest apps. Use this intelligence to remove unused or unsanctioned apps.

Ensure Compliance for All of Your SaaS Apps

Maintain compliance using digital asset inventory for all of your SaaS apps. Continuously evaluate and quantify the severity of each integration’s overall risk so you can prioritize which to address first.


Reco App Discovery & Governance Accomplishes This and More

  • Discovers both SSO and non-SSO apps
  • Authorizes/deauthorizes apps and notifies of new risky apps
  • Detects all login activities and generates an inventory of all used apps and the users
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Reco Continuously Monitors for SaaS-to-SaaS Connections


Apps for org with ~500 employees


Apps for org with 1500+ employees


New AI SaaS apps connected every week

Reclaim Control Over Third-Party Access


Organizations Worldwide Trust Reco to Mitigate Risk from SaaS-to-SaaS Integrations

An app connected to our Salesforce instance had permission to view opportunity status fields as well as notes, and automatically sent a letter and flowers to a prospect. How did I not know about that?


Cybersecurity Company

A Sales Rep connected a GenAI app to our Zoom. The GenAI app automatically changed the configuration of Zoom to record every meeting and upload the file into the GenAI app. These meetings contained highly confidential information from SEC and Board meetings. We had to go through the pain of removing all confidential information from the recordings as well as from the GenAI app.

Security Leader

Enterprise Automation Company