CISO Guide to AI Security

The CISO Guide to AI Security is designed to help Security teams and IT teams know how to use AI applications responsibly to prevent cyber risks in organizations like yours. Sign up to get your copy today!
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Artificial intelligence evokes a range of emotions among CISOs and cybersecurity leaders. Some security teams reject AI, neglecting the use of AI tools, while others may overlook the cybersecurity risks of AI drawn by its efficiencies.

This guide is designed to help Security teams and IT teams instill AI safety and governance. It covers AI security misconceptions, how to effectively manage third-party apps, and practical ways AI will transform organizations like yours.

It's developed by our SaaS security experts and modeled on best practices as outlined by NIST Cybersecurity Framework, ISO-27001, CIS Critical Security Controls, and the NCSC's Shared Responsibility Model.