Ensure Only Authorized Users Can Access Conversations in Slack

Enable your teams to collaborate efficiently by protecting your Slack instance from misconfigurations while sharing files, participating in video calls, and sharing screens. You can extend this security to external users for more effective collaboration and receive alerts when your Slack workspaces and channels are at risk.
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Get a Complete View of Your Slack Environment

Manage user access as your Slack ecosystem scales. Your Slack admins and Security teams alike can understand who has access to what, why, and their behavior with confidence.

Identify Internal and External Threats in Slack

Detect internal users as well as contractors, vendors, and third-party partners with unauthorized access to Slack. Remove access to channels, messages, and files for former employees and vendors having excessive access, or inadequate security controls with our one-click dynamic policies that go in-depth on user access for Slack.

Mitigate Risk from Over-Privileged Users & Misconfigurations

Simplify permission management, including privileged roles and integrations, to reduce misconfigurations such as over-privileged users without MFA. Understand who is using Slack, their app permission level, and their actions. Determine access to critical data and whether they can perform harmful actions.

Use Context to Mitigate Risk

Be the first to know of an exfiltration attempt to your Slack instance. Our one-click policies detect emerging SaaS threats in real-time including identifying hidden malicious content, warning when files are shared outside your organization, and external access.