Protect Your Business-Critical Data in Salesforce

Protect your Salesforce instance from unauthorized access when running your sales, marketing, and commerce programs. Reduce risk and proactively identify potential data breach points. Reco secures the entire Salesforce ecosystem including Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Service.
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Get a Complete View of Your Salesforce Environment

Manage user access as your Salesforce ecosystem scales. Your Salesforce admins and Security teams alike can understand who has access to what, and why, with confidence.

Identify Internal and External Threats in Salesforce

Identify contractors, vendors, and third-party partners with unauthorized access to Salesforce. Avoid the risk of mishandling data, having excessive access, or inadequate security controls.

Mitigate Risk from Over-Privileged Users & Misconfigurations

Simplify permission management, including privileged roles and integrations, to reduce misconfiguration risk.

Detect and Respond to Data Exfiltration Attempts

Our alert systems leverage pre-defined policies to promptly notify businesses of any anomalous behavior, ensuring swift identification of potential insider threats.

Best Practices for Securing Your Salesforce Ecosystem

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