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Detect & Respond Quickly to Threats

Investigate risky behavior and stop malicious activity in your SaaS tools early on with prioritized alerts of internal and external threats. Remediate directly within your existing SIEM and SOAR.

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SaaS Detection & Response

Manage Your Security Posture & Risk Across SaaS

Gain centralized visibility to effectively manage security posture and risk across SaaS applications. Reco offers proactive monitoring, ensuring a secure environment for mitigating potential vulnerabilities. Our detections cover all controls that can prevent the next breach.

Leverage Enhanced Visibility and Policy Enforcement

Reco provides complete oversight of your SaaS ecosystem. By enforcing security policies across the entire SaaS stack, our platform detects suspicious activities and potential threats, ensuring a secure environment.

Prioritize with Context-Based Alerts

Gain a comprehensive understanding of security incidents in your SaaS environment. Reco’s context-based alerts utilize the power of our Identities Interaction Graph to alert on exposure from internal and external threats. Your team can effectively prioritize and mitigate.

Remediate with Your Existing SIEM or SOAR

Seamlessly integrate Reco with your existing SIEM or SOAM systems. Correlate and automate events, reducing overall risk automatically and eliminating manual intervention.


Mitigate Potential Threats, Early

Enable our 200+ dynamic, ready-to-use policies that address real-world cyber attack scenarios based on continually updated TTPs. Be alerted to exposure from internal/external threats such as ransomware, account takeover, insider threats, and significant changes in behavior. Remediate within the tools you trust such as your existing SIEM & SOAR.

Reco Continuously Monitors for Potential Data Exposure


reduction in false positives

of incidents go undetected for months

days required by organizations to contain a breach


average cost of a data breach

Enhance Your Preparedness for a Cyberattack


Organizations Worldwide Trust Reco to Enable Them to Respond to Potential Threats Quickly

The drastic reduction in unclear alerts saved over 50% of our team's time, freeing them to focus on more important tasks. Reco’s AI-based solution provided the missing context we needed to understand what actions we needed to take quickly and accurately. The immediate impact on our team's productivity was undeniable.

Tomer Stenzler

Director of Cyber Security

Reco's contextual alerts, automated workflows, and policy management functionalities provided immediate value to our organization, enhancing our ability to protect customer data, mitigate risks, and create a secure environment for both customers and employees.

Robert Kugler

Head of Security & Compliance