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Detect and Quickly Respond to SaaS Security Risk's contextual graph empowers you to uncover hidden SaaS security threats and respond quickly

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The Impact of SaaS Security Risks

USD Is the Average Total Cost of a Data Breach
Source: IBM
of Enterprise Organizations Lack the Visibility into SaaS Security Changes
Source: Cloud Security Alliance
Days Is the Average Time It Takes Organizations to Detect and Report a Data Breach
Source: IBM

How Reco Detects and Responds to SaaS Security Threats

Manage Your Security Posture and Risk Across SaaS enables centralized visibility and control to effectively manage security posture and risk across SaaS applications. It offers proactive monitoring, access control enforcement, and risk identification, ensuring a secure environment for sensitive data and mitigating potential vulnerabilities.

Enhanced Visibility and Policy Enforcement provides complete oversight of your SaaS ecosystem. By enforcing security policies across the entire SaaS stack, detects suspicious activities and potential threats, ensuring a secure environment.

Unified Context-Based Alerts's unified, context-based alerts utilize the power of its Contextual Graph to deliver actionable insights. By leveraging this technology, your security team gains a comprehensive understanding of security incidents in your SaaS environment, enabling effective response and mitigation.

Integration with SIEM & SOAR

Seamlessly integrate with your existing security tools such as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) systems. This integration enables correlation and automation, reducing overall risk automatically and eliminates manual intervention.

Leverage SaaS Data Detection and Response for Different Scenarios

Unauthorized Access

 An External Attacker Tricks a 3rd Party with Access to the SaaS Revealing Their Login Credentials. Armed with the Stolen Credentials, the Attacker Gains Unauthorized Access to the SaaS Platform, Potentially Compromising Confidential Data and Putting the Organization at Risk.

App to App: The Hidden Threat of Data Exfiltration

A SaaS Application Connected to Another SaaS Application Could Automatically Exfiltrate Data Without Detection If a Malicious Third-Party Gains Unauthorized Access to the Integration and Exploits Vulnerabilities.

Employee Pre-Departure Suspicious Activity

Detect and Respond to Any Suspicious Activities Exhibited by Employees Before They Leave Your Organization, Ensuring Data Protection and Preventing Potential Threats.

Compliance Framework Violations Enables the Identification and Immediate Response to Any Violations of Your Organization's Compliance Frameworks, Reducing Regulatory Risks and Ensuring Adherence.

Sensitive Data Download Alerts

Receive Real-Time Alerts When Sensitive Data Is Downloaded from SaaS Tools, Enabling You to Take Prompt Action to Safeguard Your Critical Information.

Secrets Exposure in Public Channels Detects the Presence of Secret Files and Certificates Shared in Public Slack Channels, Ensuring Potential Vulnerabilities Are Identified.

Insider Threats

Empowered by AI-Driven Insider Risk Modules, Provides Comprehensive Visibility into Malicious Activities, Particularly When Assets Related to the Business Are Shared with Personal Email Accounts.

Secrets in Ticketing Platforms Actively Scans Collaboration Platforms Like JIRA, Detecting and Alerting the Presence of Secrets, Customer Data, or Unauthorized Activities, Minimizing Supply Chain Attack Risks.

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