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Take Action on Your SaaS Security with Torq and Reco‍.ai

Gal Nakash
November 29, 2023
3 min read

In today's digital age, businesses rely on SaaS applications to streamline operations and boost productivity. However, this increased connectivity also brings the risk of sensitive data exposure. That's where Reco AI and Torq join forces to offer a powerful partnership for data protection and workflow automation.

Reco AI, in collaboration with Torq, provides an innovative solution to identify and highlight sensitive data across various SaaS applications, giving organizations unparalleled visibility into their data landscape. With Reco AI, businesses gain a clear understanding of where their data resides and can pinpoint any potential exposure risks within their SaaS infrastructure. This invaluable insight empowers organizations to take proactive measures to safeguard their sensitive information.

Let's consider an example from a mutual customer who has benefited from Reco AI and Torq's collaboration. Prior to implementing these solutions, one customer struggled to keep track of sensitive data across multiple SaaS platforms. The manual and time-consuming process of discovery yielded inadequate results in terms of protecting their business. However, after leveraging Reco AI's intelligent insights and Torq's remarkable hyperautomation-driven workflow automation capabilities, this customer successfully reduced their exposure risk by an impressive 80%.

So, how do Reco AI and Torq achieve such remarkable outcomes? Reco AI seamlessly integrates with SaaS applications in near real-time, leveraging its advanced data reference model and classification capabilities to identify files containing sensitive data. Once sensitive data is detected, Reco AI highlights the associated exposure risks and provides actionable recommendations to address them effectively.

This is where Torq enters the picture, hyperautomating the risk reduction process and ensuring organizational security. Torq Hyperautomation continuously monitors Reco AI's insights and automatically applies remediation actions, such as access restrictions and communication with relevant business and asset owners. With Reco AI and Torq working harmoniously, organizations can rest assured that their sensitive data remains protected, while also experiencing streamlined workflows.

The statistics demonstrate the effectiveness of this powerful combination. Mutual customers leveraging Reco AI and Torq have achieved risk reduction ranging from 80%-90% by harnessing Reco's contextual data identities and Torq Hyperautomation capabilities. For instance, consider a customer who initially had 42,000 files publicly exposed, but a significant portion of these files were non-sensitive to the business. Without Reco AI's contextual information, the remediation process could have disrupted the business and inconvenienced multiple departments and individuals. Contextual awareness is essential for efficient and successful remediation and workflow automation within any organization.

Safeguarding data and streamlining workflows are critical in today's cybersecurity landscape. Reco AI and Torq offer the ultimate combination to achieve these objectives. By leveraging Reco AI's intelligent insights and Torq's powerful hyperautomation capabilities, organizations can proactively protect their sensitive data.

With Reco AI and Torq at your side, you can ensure data security while freeing up valuable time for your team to focus on core business priorities.

Don't wait until it's too late—take action on your SaaS security today with Torq and Reco AI. Safeguard your data, streamline your workflows, and stay one step ahead of cyberthreats.

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