Ensure The Right Access – And Not More

Inadequate access and privilege management can lead to unauthorized users and security risks. Understand critical exposure gaps from user permission level and behavior in your SaaS ecosystem that can lead to a breach.

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Identity & Access Governance

Discover Critical Exposure Gaps

We unify identities across SaaS apps so you can discover admins, over-permissioned users & service accounts. Understand critical exposure gaps from user behavior in SaaS apps that can lead to a breach such as a MFA violation or a stale account.

Monitor for Over-Privileged Users

Understand who is using your SaaS apps, their app permission level and whether they are over-privileged, an Admin, a stale account, or a former employee with access. Determine access to critical data and whether they can perform harmful actions.

Pinpoint & Revoke Permissions

Assess the risk associated with current users’ access using least privilege access, including inactive users, external users, super admins, and non-admin roles. Pinpoint and revoke permissions that are unused or dormant.

Automate Access Reviews

Say goodbye to spreadsheets. Initiate continuous access reviews with relevant stakeholders in your organization to certify entitlements across your SaaS apps. Generate reports on access status and de-provisioning activities for audits.


Reco Provides Context Needed to Prioritize Risk

Reco uses advanced analytics around persona, actions, interactions and relationships to other users, and then alerts on exposure from misconfigurations, over-permission users, compromised accounts, and risky user behavior. This comprehensive picture is generated continuously and empowers security teams to take swift action to effectively prioritize their most critical points of risk.

Reco Continuously Monitors for Data Exposure within Identities


User interactions analyzed


Decrease in costs from inactive/unused licenses


Of indicators of compromise detected used identity-based attack methods

Achieve Identity-First SaaS Security


Organizations Worldwide Trust Reco to Identify & Rightsize User Access

There was a new member of the IT team that automatically received Admin privileges in the SSO provider, and then was granted privileged access to Salesforce, Github, and NetSuite. They didn’t need elevated privileges to do their job, and just inherited them. Reco informed us of this situation so we could rightsize user access.

Tomer Stenzler

Director of Cyber Security

Reco detected insider risk of a leaving employee snooping and downloading excessive files from Salesforce. We were able to address this quickly.


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