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Gain Complete Visibility to Address Potential Risks

Safeguard your data and maintain compliance by proactively monitoring organizational data and preventing unauthorized access within SaaS platforms. Reco data exposure management maps all files and folders to monitor for data shared publicly, with nonbusiness accounts, and other potential points of exposure.

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Data Exposure Management

Get Visibility, Prevent Attacks

Gain complete visibility into data access across multiple SaaS apps. Easily identify who has access, both internally and externally.

Enable Secure Sharing

Implement robust policies that allow secure file and folder sharing between internal and external users with policy-based secure sharing.

Evaluate & Prioritize Risk

Not all risks are equal. Identify the most critical risks and address those that impact your security posture and lower your exposure with near real-time reduction of risk.

Enhance Risk Mitigation

Use automated secure workflows that enforce policy violations in response to high-risk events including data shared publicly and with non business accounts.


Ensure Your Data Remains Accessible to the Right Users

Leverage activity monitoring from Reco to manage data exposure.

  • Automate compliance with documentation for audits & assessments
  • Ensure complete employee offboarding minimizing risk of data leaks
  • Discover suspicious activity with timely detection of security risks
  • Revoke permissions from external unauthorized access
  • Monitor and manage the creation and sharing of public links
  • Understand potential exposure and proactively address security gaps

Reco Continuously Monitors for Potential Data Exposure Gaps


SaaS users protected


unique violations detected


interactions analyzed


3rd-party apps discovered

Access Visibility Issues, Scattered Data & Over-Permissions


Organizations Worldwide Trust Reco to Discover & Secure Shadow Apps

Reco helped us reduce the number of false positives and identify potential exposure and theft more accurately. Thanks to their context based security solution, we were able to filter out up to 99% of the false positives in our environment, enabling our security team to respond more effectively to real threats.

Tomer Stenzler

Director of Cyber Security

We knew the power of our robots, and how they could make our Sentinel SIEM more powerful. By automating the access removal process by passing Reco’s contextual detections to our SIEM, we have saved thousands of hours of work, reduced the risk of data exposure across multiple SaaS shared drives, and now continue to reduce data exposure risks.

Mihai Faur

Chief Information Officer