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Solaredge + Reco

Oz Wasserman
November 29, 2023
4 min read

Solaredge, a global leader in solar power solutions, is committed to revolutionizing the industry with its innovative products and sustainability focus. To safeguard its proprietary IP and patents, as well as secure customer and financial data, Solaredge sought a solution that could protect its SaaS environment and enhance productivity. stepped in as the trusted partner to address these challenges.

Solaredge faced the challenge of securing its SaaS data, applications, and identities across its 30+ global offices. With the transition to Microsoft 365, the complexity of understanding sensitive data locations, determining access privileges, and assessing risks increased significantly. Manual processes for data discovery, tagging, and protection were labor-intensive, generating numerous false positives and consuming valuable time and effort from the team.'s contextual AI-powered SaaS security solution proved invaluable to Solaredge. By augmenting the security measures provided by Microsoft 365, offered comprehensive visibility into data in M365 and enhanced productivity. enabled Solaredge to classify sensitive data within its SaaS tools, tailoring the classification to its specific organizational needs. With's implementation of classifiers, sensitive files were automatically tagged in the native M365 environment, allowing Solaredge to enforce control and policies effectively. brought substantial improvements to Solaredge's security posture, productivity, and data protection efforts. By significantly reducing false positives and providing clear and actionable alerts on discovered sensitive data, saved over 50% of the team's time, enabling them to focus on more critical tasks.'s AI-based solution provided the missing context to understand and take prompt and accurate actions. Solaredge experienced a drastic reduction in the number of alerts, from thousands per week to only 5-6, streamlining its security operations.'s unique combination of AI-powered security measures, tailored data classification, and granular control over access and policies transformed Solaredge's SaaS security landscape.'s contextual insights on identities, data, and applications ensured that Solaredge's SaaS security measures remained up-to-date and provided complete visibility across its entire IT infrastructure.

Check out the full success story to learn more about our partnership.

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