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Eliminate Blind Spots by Uncovering Shadow SaaS Applications

Prevent unauthorized data exfiltration with Reco's contextual SaaS discovery and usage monitoring

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Growing SaaS Usage Amplifies Security Risks

New SaaS Applications Are Adopted by the Average Organization Every 30 Days
Source: Zylo
of Users in a Company Rely on SaaS Applications Daily
Source: Bettercloud
SaaS Applications Are Actively Used by Most Organizations
Source: Blissfully

How Reco Protects Your SaaS Platforms

Discover Managed and Unmanaged Applications to Reduce Risk

Near real-time visibility and analysis of an organization's SaaS usage, enabling easy management of sanctioned and unsanctioned applications

Ensure Secure Usage and Governance of Applications

By leveraging identity context, Reco enables the identification and mitigation of security risks, such as insecure app usage by employees and unauthorized access by compromised users.

Monitor Suspicious Activity in Authorized and Unauthorized Apps

Effectively monitor and detect suspicious activity, whether it occurs within authorized or unauthorized applications, to safeguard your organization's data and respond to potential security breaches

Effective Security for Shadow Apps

Unauthorized App Access

Accessing Applications Without Proper Authorization, Leading to Confidential Data Exposure.

Data Theft Risk: Non-Work App Usage

Employees May Use Applications for Non-Work Purposes, Leading to Data Theft and Loss of Confidential Information.

Interacting with Regulated Data in Apps

Interacting with Applications Containing Regulated Data May Expose the Company to Compliance Risks and Legal Consequences.

Unused Apps Hold Valuable Business Data

Unused Applications May Contain Valuable Business Data, Leading to Potential Security Vulnerabilities.

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