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Eliminate Blind Spots by Uncovering Shadow SaaS Apps

Prevent unauthorized data exfiltration with contextual SaaS discovery and usage monitoring from Reco. Identify SaaS applications in use without the knowledge of IT or security.

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Shadow App Discovery

Discover Managed and Unmanaged Applications to Reduce Risk

Gain near real-time visibility and analysis of your SaaS ecosystem, including sanctioned and unsanctioned applications. Your team can manage from a single, aggregated view and be notified of new risky apps.

Ensure Secure Usage and Governance of Applications

Leverage identity context provided by Reco to identify and mitigate security risks, such as insecure app usage by employees and unauthorized access by compromised users.

Monitor Suspicious Activity in Authorized and Unauthorized Apps

Effectively monitor and detect suspicious activity, whether it occurs within authorized or unauthorized applications, to safeguard your organization's data and respond to potential security breaches.

Reduce the Attack Surface of Your SaaS Ecosystem

Reduce your SaaS attack surface from connections with untrusted app vendors, over privileged access and redundant connections. Authorize and deauthorize risky apps to reduce your attack surface.


Gain Effective Security for Shadow Apps

Leverage shadow app discovery from Reco to support different use cases:

  • Identify applications without proper authorization
  • Assess applications used for non-work purposes that may lead to data theft
  • Reduce exposure to applications that may have risk or legal consequences
  • Discover unused applications that may lead to security vulnerabilities

Reco Continuously Monitors for Shadow Apps


SaaS users protected


unique violations detected


interactions analyzed


3rd-party apps discovered

Get Visibility and Security
Context into Your Core SaaS Applications


Organizations Worldwide Trust Reco to Discover & Secure Shadow Apps

Reco helped us reduce the number of false positives and identify potential exposure and theft more accurately. Thanks to their context based security solution, we were able to filter out up to 99% of the false positives in our environment, enabling our security team to respond more effectively to real threats.

Tomer Stenzler

Director of Cyber Security

The main benefit of Reco is that it allows me to be much more efficient with my time. Instead of spending hours investigating and triaging alerts, Reco takes care of it for me by providing all the necessary context and information, along with workflows that help to reduce risk across my SaaS environment.

Robert Kugler

Head of Security & Compliance