Protect Your Critical Data in Microsoft

Guard Microsoft against unauthorized access and proactively identify potential data breach points

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Gaps in Microsoft Can Put Your Business at Risk

of an Organization's Data Resides Within SaaS Applications
Source: Bettercloud
Average Assets in SaaS Applications
of Enterprise Organizations Experienced Breaches Due to Mismanaged Privileges
Source: Beyond Trust

How Reco Secures Your Microsoft Platform

Identify Internal and External Threats in Microsoft

Contractors, vendors, and third-party partners with access to Microsoft can risk mishandling data, having excessive access, or inadequate security controls.

Mitigate User Privilege Risk with Reco

Simplify permission management, including privileged roles and integrations, to reduce misconfiguration risk

Detect and Respond to Data Exfiltration Attempts

Our alert systems leverage pre-defined policies to promptly notify businesses of any anomalous behavior, ensuring swift identification of potential insider threats

Effective Security For a Wide Range of Scenarios

Sharing of Critical Data by Connected Microsoft Applications

Many Salesforce applications require access to critical data for seamless operations. However, improper configurations or inadequate security measures may lead to inadvertent data sharing, potentially exposing sensitive information to unauthorized entities.

Account Executive Exfiltrates His Microsoft Accounts Upon Departure

Departing employees, such as account executives, pose a significant risk when they retain access to their Salesforce accounts. In some cases, this could lead to data exfiltration or misuse.

Inactive Contractors Retain Admin Access in Microsoft

When contractors are granted administrative privileges in Salesforce, their access often remains active even after their contract ends. This presents a serious security vulnerability, as ex-contractors may have unauthorized access to sensitive data and settings.

Abandoned and Unused Microsoft Permissions

Over time, Salesforce users may accumulate various permissions that they no longer require for their roles. These abandoned permissions can be exploited by malicious actors to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Misconfigured Admins in Microsoft

Improperly configured admin accounts in Salesforce can lead to unintended data exposure or accidental changes in settings, leaving an organization vulnerable to security risks.

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