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Protect Regulated Data from Unauthorized Access across All SaaS Platforms

Safeguard your data and maintain compliance by proactively identifying regulated data and preventing unauthorized access across SaaS platforms

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Access Visibility Issues, Scattered Data, and Over Permissions
Increase the Risk of SaaS Data Breaches

Average Assets in SaaS Applications
of an Organization's Stored Data Is Unmanaged
Source: Veronis
External Domains, on Average, Access Organizational Documents
Source: Skyhigh

How Reco Protects Your SaaS Data

Our real-time access control system offers solutions for various use cases, ensuring that your data remains secure and accessible only to the right individuals:

Data Access Management

Gain complete visibility into data access across multiple platforms like Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Slack. Easily identify who has access to specific files and folders, both internally and externally.

Policy-Based Secure File Sharing

Implement robust policies that allow secure file sharing between internal and external users.

Enhance risk mitigation

use automated secure workflows that enforce policy violations in response to high-risk events, allowing near real-time reduction of risks.

Leverage Data Activity Monitoring for different scenarios

Automate compliance

Maintain detailed documentation of data access, sharing, and user permissions, providing tangible evidence of your commitment to data security and regulatory requirements during audits and assessments

Employee Offboarding

Ensure complete offboarding by revoking access to all corporate data for departing employees, minimizing the risk of data leaks and unauthorized access.

Discover Suspicious Activity

Identify suspicious employee activity by monitoring bulk data sharing with external parties, enabling timely detection of potential security risks and unauthorized transfers.

External Unauthorized Access

Effectively tackle the challenge of former external parties retaining access to your organization's sensitive data. Gain visibility into their access and promptly revoke permissions, ensuring data security and compliance.

Proliferation Control

Monitor and manage the creation and sharing of public links, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and maintaining strict control over your data's exposure.

Data Exposure Insights

Get a summary of potential data exposure, access, and sharing, empowering you to proactively address security gaps and strengthen data protection measures.

Internal Data Sharing

Monitor data flow within your organization, detect and mitigate any instances of inappropriate or unauthorized sharing, and proactively prevent unnecessary liabilities.

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