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Cresta Leverages Reco to Prevent Data Exposure

Oz Wasserman
November 29, 2023
4 min read

Cresta, a leading AI-powered customer service platform, partnered with Reco to enhance their data protection capabilities and streamline their approach to safeguarding customer data. In addition to the traditional Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions, Reco provided a contextual and automated SaaS security platform to secure SaaS data. With a seamless onboarding experience Reco helped Cresta meet specific challenges to auditor expectations.

Reco quickly integrated with Cresta's systems, providing immediate visibility into sensitive SaaS data and identifying potential exposures. This streamlined onboarding process distinguished Reco from traditional DLP solutions that took months to deploy and created operational burdens. Reco's seamless integration and non-intrusive performance allowed Cresta to focus on protecting customer data effectively.

One of Reco's key advantages for Cresta was the delivery of context-rich alerts. Instead of generic alerts, Reco provided actionable insights that eliminated the need for manual investigation and triage. This feature significantly reduced the burden on Cresta's security team, enabling them to implement automation workflows and respond swiftly to alerts, reducing the mean time to respond significantly. Reco's policy management capabilities further empowered Cresta by allowing them to define policies, identify excessive behavior, monitor user actions, and further defend against potential data exfiltration in SaaS.

Reco's metadata-driven approach and comprehensive mapping of data, apps, and identities perfectly aligned with Cresta's needs. By going beyond tool posture, Reco enabled proactive detection and response to sensitive data exposure and leakage. The partnership with Reco transformed's data protection capabilities within the SaaS environment, improving operational efficiency and saving valuable time for the security team.

"Reco's contextual alerts, automated workflows, and policy management functionalities provided immediate value to Cresta, enhancing their ability to protect customer data, mitigate risks, and create a secure environment for both customers and employees," said Robert Kugler, Head of Security and Compliance at Cresta. "Reco's intelligent data protection solution is perfectly aligned with our mission to revolutionize customer service while ensuring the highest standards of data security."

Read the full customer story of Reco and Cresta to learn more.

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