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Map & Classify Sensitive Data

Visibility & Context: To Find & Secure Sensitive Data

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Quickly Map & Classify
Your Unstructured SaaS Data

Identifying SaaS sensitive data is a fundamental step and is often the reason data and security teams lack visibility and control. Projects to address are time consuming, point-in-time, expensive and are complicated by the unstructured data found within SaaS applications!

Reco automates the mapping and classification process of sensitive data in a matter of hours and is able to do so without scanning the contents of the file by applying business context to the metadata of a file.

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Policies With Context To Assess SaaS Data At Risk

Organizations often have written policies documented to define how they are handling and classifying data across their SaaS platforms. That is the “easy” part, putting your policies into action across the different SaaS platforms being used is another story.

Reco quickly helps organizations administer their data policies by applying advanced business context for sensitive data found within their SaaS applications. Reco provides out of the box data policies for each of the key SaaS platforms used to address data security and governance requirements.

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Policies With Context

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